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Celebrating the craft of the chocolatier
Chocolate Awards

Are you a chocolatier eager to put yourself on the public chocolate radar? Do you want to showcase your chocolate, competing with the best of the best?

Come and share your passion for chocolate and inspire others, while promoting your endeavours to the next level. Razzle-dazzle our jury with your showstopper creations to earn your moniker at the #GrandPrixChocolat.

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Entry by invitation only.
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Chocolate Awards 2Chocolatiers unite! It’s your chance to shine in the limelight. We believe that no one makes chocolates like you do, and if you believe your chocolate is the best then come on and prove your mettle. Get set for India’s first juried chocolate awards – where chocolate is the medium, the adversary, and the challenge.

  • Express yourself through your art and passion for this most amazing of ingredients.
  • Entice our jury with your unique interpretation of the limitless possibilities that exist with chocolate, and your gourmet style.
  • Stretch the boundaries of taste and imagination, blazing a trail at the Grand Prix Chocolat.


Be the Best

Showcase the ultimate chocolate creations that epitomize the range of your craft and your signature style.

Enhance your Brand

Garner attention to your brand and inspire others by sharing your passion for chocolate.

Meet Media Tastemakers

Interact with food journalists, bloggers, culinary influencers, and industry buyers.

Go for the Gold

Stake your claim to fame. Blow the competition away and win a plethora of attractive prizes.

About the Awards

Grand Prix Chocolat is a competition dedicated to the art of chocolate. It aims to provide a magnificent national stage to acknowledge the skills and achievements of chocolatiers by identifying the best fledgling talents in the country. Through alliances with relevant partner organisations and selection input from our eminent panel of food and media experts, the awards hope to drive more consumer awareness and demand towards the gourmet chocolate segment, helping keep the tradition of creativity, experimentation and, above all else, a genuine love for chocolate alive.
  • Entry Guidelines

    Entries must emphasize chocolate as the chief ingredient, both in element and appearance, although additional ingredients may be used. Read More→
  • Selection Criteria

    Part of the ethos for these awards is to have a heterogeneous mix in the jury panel and a clear and concise way of appraising the chocolate entries. Read More→
  • FAQs

    We’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions about this delicious chocolaty event so you can find all the answers in one place. Read More→