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Discover the craft of candle making and decorating and unleash your creativity

Concepts covered in the BASIC Candle-making course:

The basic candle-making course covers a comprehensive array of candles that use relatively simple techniques to make, nonetheless are extremely attractive, and are a good start for the fledgling “candelier”.


Ice Candles                               Pillar Candles                              Multi-wick Candles                           Layered Candles                               Container Candles                      Chunk Votive Candles


Natural Gel Candles                     Gel Candle Aquarium                     Sand Gel Candle                          Potpourri Gel Candle                        Floating Candles


Concepts covered in the ADVANCED Candle-making course(s):

The advanced candle-making course covers complex candle making techniques to give you more creative freedom in designing your own candles. The advanced course is actually not just one single course, but has been divided into several distinct branches because of the different skill set used in each. You may wish to do all the advanced courses, or you may opt to go for the ones that you find most interesting.

1.Cuts N Curls: CANDLE CARVING TECHNIQUES                      2.Bed of Roses: CANDLE MOLDING TECHNIQUES                      3. Hurricane Candle:



4. Candle Designing: 


Block Stacked Candles              Ice Cream Candle                     Tear Effect Candle

5. Candle Decoration:  Pearl Candle,  Candle Screen Printing, Rope Candle, Log Candle, Crackle Candle, Tint Effect, Zebra Candle, Stencil Candle, Glassimbuilds Candle, Chick Wrapping Candle, Brick Candle, Cinnamon/Red Chilli Decoration, Foil Candle, Spice Candle.