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Trousseau Packing 

Today stylish packing and presentation of wedding gifts have become almost as  important as the gift itself. Learn how to create your own exclusive designer packing concepts that not only offer a visual delight but also challenge you – through the skillful use of materials, methods and aesthetics – in their making and presentation. Some common trousseau packing concepts covered in the course include: Decorative platters for shaguns, lehanga bags, covers, boxes and trays, engagement ring platters, saree and suit packings, thal covers, display trays and baskets, packing for silver and gold coins, platters for chocolate and sweets, wooden fancy trays and jewelery boxes.


Gift Wrapping & Decoration

A present wrapped with ingenuity and thoughtfulness increases the pleasure for both the recipient and the giver. Learn how to wrap your gifts easily, neatly, and with a touch of panache. We believe a gift must strongly reflect the occasion for which it is presented. Therefore, our gift packing course is occasion based and covers the following common occasions:

Birthday – BEAUTIFUL      Anniversary – ELEGANT      Diwali – DECORATIVE      Rakshabandhan – SPLENDID      Holi -COLOURFUL       Friendship – STYLISH      Valentines Day – LAVISH       Ceremony – GRACEFUL