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Can listening to music actually make your chocolate taste better? Turns out, yes it can.

Research in synaesthesia, a neuroscientific field focusing on how one sense affects another, shows that music and taste are intrinsically linked. Even when nothing about a food changes, our perception of particular flavours in that food can alter depending on our mind’s response to the accompanying music.

Cadbury commissioned a report investigating how closely linked some common chocolate flavours are to certain sound dimensions. Here’s what they found:

  • High pitched sounds complement crunchy texture
  • Low musical notes go well with nutty flavours
  • Mellow sounds accentuate soft spongy textures
  • Steady rhythm enhances smooth texture
  • Fast upbeat music complements surprising textures that pop and crackle
Grab a piece of chocolate and turn on that music. Leave it up to your brain to do all the fancy work behind this interesting phenomenon.