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Caramel Preparation

During caramel preparation, the high temperatures in your pan can cause the mixture to sputter and splatter with savage ferocity. Here’s how to tame the beast.

Caramel preparation involves working with temperatures going all the way to 170 C, which is almost twice as hot as boiling water. So you need to take precautions and remain extra vigilant during the caramel cooking process. For starters, this means turning off your TV and putting your mobile phone away!

Use a deep vertical pan for making caramel. The pan should be larger than your desired cooking volume to prevent spillage from expansion. This is particularly important in recipes that call for the addition of cream or butter, as it sometimes causes the mixture to foam and boil over the sides of the container.

Copper, stainless steel, or ceramic coated pots are ideal for heavy usage as they can durably withstand high temperatures. Teflon or other non-stick pans are okay but only for occasional use. To avoid burn injury, always wear protective clothing such as an apron and long oven gloves.

Don’t get intimidated though. We’ll teach you how to make caramel like a pro in our All About Caramels program.