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Art Chocolat caters to individual, group, and corporate needs in the form of demonstrations and hands-on classes at your indoor facility that can be designed to your specific needs. Our skilled teachers can cover any chocolate subject you may be interested in, or we can run a chocolate appreciation class with not so much working and a lot more tasting involved. We can accommodate different groups including top management, company executives,  junior staff, as well as their friends and families.

A Sweet Deal, our corporate workshop, is based on our firm belief in the value of  “activity-based” learning as an approach in which a real object or task is actually present (in our case, chocolate making) as opposed to abstract and passive learning, which can be dull and lifeless. The workshop is designed to be a dynamic team building activity for employees where participants master new organizational knowledge and skills through a learning-by-doing approach.

  • Getting to know people is easy when you’re enjoying an array of delicious gourmet chocolates!
    • Food is a great way of bringing people together and the shared indulgence of chocolate will make networking a breeze, as professionals connect over chocolate bonbons and truffles.
    • There are multiple theme options for your event and the a wide selection of premium treats on offer depending on whether you prefer a casual, fun session or a serious one on the subtleties of chocolate making and tasting.
    • The format of our events is non-intrusive and allows guests to interact with each other without interruption. They may hold a conversation and move around easily between customizing and sampling chocolates, getting involved in anything as and when they like. This casual atmosphere creates optimum opportunities for attendees to make new connections, and have a fabulous time!
  • Our innovative group chocolate making sessions inspire teamwork, camaraderie, and collaboration!
    • If you’re looking for a unique idea for your next corporate team building event, try our Chocolate Challenge, an effective way to get teams working together as they rise to the occasion and are rewarded with copious amounts of chocolate!
    • Teams are assigned chocolate making tasks which can only be completed when they work together as a group. Their creativity, imagination, teamwork, planning, and timeliness are all put to the test.
    • Participants come out with an enriching experience, where they have gained knowledge about chocolate, all the while learning to elevate their professional conduct in the workplace. By organizing such an event the company is investing in its human resources, improving employee morale, resulting in an increase in office productivity.
  • Say thank you to staff, clients, and referral sources by gifting them, not a “thing”, but  an “experience” to last a lifetime!
    • Chocolate making is an enjoyable and relaxing experience, perfect to unwind after the days of meeting and grind for a project deadline. Want to know the best part about our workshops? Everyone gets to keep the chocolates that they make!
    • Reward your employees, staff, company executives as well as their families and friends, commemorate a company milestone, celebrate festivals , or mark the end of the year with a fun and interactive chocolate making session, where the celebratory gifts are the chocolates that the participants make for themselves!
    • Organize a special employee kids chocolate making session for Children’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas to tell your valued workers that their families are just as important to the company as they are.
  • A bar of chocolate can light up those young faces and empower the underprivileged with entrepreneurial skills.

    • Chocolate making is a low-investment, high profit business that can easily be run from home. With the chocolate industry in India expanding at a phenomenal rate, this artisan skill is very high in demand. A single-day workshop could open unprecedented doors of opportunities, employment and empowerment for low-income families.
    • Sponsor a kids workshop at a local school where they spend an activity period learning about their favourite chocolate treats while making and decorating a few to take back home.
    • Simply donate chocolates made by your office staff to the poor. Everyone deserves a bar of chocolate!


To find out more information about our corporate workshops, please contact us.