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  • Welcome Chocoholics

    If you love eating chocolate, chances are you'll love making it too
  • Homemade Chocolate

    Learn to make your own mouth watering handmade chocolate
  • Smart Business

    Chocolate is a low investment high profit business
Gain Knowledge
Chocolate industry scenario, market players, suppliers, processing methods, tools, equipment, and ingredients.
Acquire Attributes
Chocolate chemistry, types of chocolate, flavor and texture determinants, products, recipe development.
Master Technique
Working with chocolate - tempering, dipping, decorating, molding. Preparing center fillings, ganaches and fondant.
Build Brand & Business
Positioning yourself as a chocolatier, identifying market niches, maximizing productivity and profitability.

Hand Tempering on Marble

Learn the traditional French technique of tabliering chocolate on marble, the best kept secret of European chocolatiers.

Caramels & Marshmallows

Whip up fluffy marshmallows and cook soft gooey caramels by infusing and enrobing chocolate elements in innovative ways.

Rolled Chocolate Truffles

Prepare fresh cream truffles using dark, milk or white chocolate and ranging from the basic to more elaborate flavour schemes.

Gianduja, Praline, Bonbon

Roll exquisite bonbons from caramelised sugar pralines and ganaches, to gianduja and fruit flavoured chocolates.

Liquor Filled Chocolates

Concoct a wonderful blend of chocolate with alcohol, in fine ratios, to titillate not only your taste buds but all your senses.

Chocolate Colour Artistry

Add new dimensions to your chocolate by making attractive garnishes and drizzling patterns to adorn your creations.

Chocolate Sommelier: Free Chocolate Tasting Course

Enjoy an afternoon learning about the history, terminology, and benefits of chocolate, topped off by a delightfully sinful guided chocolate tasting experience.
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Academy of Chocolate Arts

Art Chocolat is a premier culinary school based in New Delhi, focusing exclusively on chocolate. The academy provides in-depth training in every aspect of chocolate patisserie and business to help budding pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and entrepreneurs find their place in India’s fast-growing specialty foods industry.

The institute is managed by principal teacher and chocolatier, Ms. Arti Dhingra, a graduate of the renowned Valrhona L'École du Grand Chocolat in France. She conducts intensive, boutique-style classes where you can roll up your sleeves and enjoy learning everything about chocolate based confections and pastries.


  • Chocolate Making

    Learn all aspects of making chocolate, from basic ingredients to techniques with chocolate moulds, and gourmet chocolate recipes. Read More→
  • Chocolate Packaging

    Put a distinct artistic stamp on your chocolates by learning to design, wrap, and pack your chocolate treats in attractive ways. Read More→
  • Chocolate Bouquets

    Construct beautiful chocolate bouquets, floral chocolate arrangements, that are not only tasty but also decorative and gift worthy. Read More→

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