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Why Choose us?

  • Professional Faculty

    The course instructors at Art Chocolat are specialists in their respective crafts. All our faculty is part-time. Why? Because when our teachers are not with you in class, they are out there in the marketplace - making and selling the very things they taught you in your course. We practice what we preach!
  • Flexible Class Timings

    Learning chocolates may be your biggest priority but we understand that you could be juggling several others. Working a day job? Got to finish your house chores? Attending college? Relax! We will do our best to accommodate your requests and help you make up any sessions you miss due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Lifetime Query Support

    As you implement what you learn, you will inevitably have questions, suggestions, and revelations that you may want to share with us. Our alumni are welcome to get back in touch anytime to get their queries sorted. When you join Art Chocolat, you become our partner for life!

Have you always aspired to be a chocolatier?

We’re here to turn every chocolate lover’s dream into reality. Located in the heart of New Delhi, Art Chocolat strives to help budding chefs and chocolatiers find their place in India’s fast-growing chocolate industry. We go beyond the cookie cutter approach of other schools that teach a fixed set of recipes, and instead encourage our students to be artisans and creative alchemists thinking out-of-the-box and developing chocolate combinations that are original, experimental, sometimes daring, yet always perfectly harmonious in flavor. Our coursework covers the use of compounds, concentrates, essences, preservatives and additives, but at the same time, we also advocate and teach working with fresh and the local ingredients.

Our curriculum

Students at Art Chocolat come from all over the country and from varied backgrounds, with the commonality being their love for chocolate. Our special holiday and part-time courses provide scope for interested amateurs of all ages and specialist courses are taken by professional and enthusiastic home cooks alike. Tailored programs and demonstrations are devised for companies or groups and private chocolate sessions are also available.

Whether you want to work for yourself or in a professional organization, our specialized chocolatier courses takes you through an in-depth experience on chocolate making. Important topics include:

  • Chocolate-making process and techniques
  • Taste and attributes of different types of chocolates
  • Gourmet chocolate recipes
  • Techniques with chocolate moulds
  • Chocolate-making ingredients and equipment suppliers


Our curriculum offers the challenge of high expectations, the excitement of an engaging learning experience with the support of a professional faculty.

Ms. Arti Dhingra, principal teacher and chocolatier at Art Chocolat is a graduate of Europe’s renowned Valrhona Chocolate Institute.

Your Goal

  • Starting a chocolate business is a great new enterprise to initiate, and the operation can easily be run from home and with little startup capital. The chocolate candies and treats can be sold to specialty retailers on a wholesale basis, or directly to chocolate loving consumers via a sales kiosk, personal contacts or website.
  • Chocolate making is a wonderful recreational pursuit. It is creative, relaxing, and a great way to bond with family and friends. Invite your mates for a fun weekend making and eating homemade chocolate treats. Share photos of your delectable creations on Facebook and revel in the mountain of "likes" that just won't stop coming!
  • Most commercial chocolates contain high amounts of harmful sugar, trans fats, corn syrup and lecithin. If your family loves chocolate, why not feed them the healthy homemade kind - high in cocoa content, with fresh nutritious fruits and nuts. Learn organic versions of delicious chocolates treats, full of health benefits and without unnecessary additives.
  • As a chocolate professional, you will specialize in the making of different types of chocolate confections - from fillings such as praline, caramel and truffle, to hand decorating chocolates for festive occasions. At Art Chocolat, you will acquire all the necessary skills, such as tempering, molding, candy production, and recipe creation for a sound start as a chocolatier.