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Level - 3
Couverture Chocolates

Intensive 2-day advanced chocolate making course that will take you beyond your home kitchen and give a glimpse of working with professional tools and equipment. Learn to make hollow figures, pralines, bonbons, ganaches, and a range of other interesting chocolate recipes.

Duration: 2 days
Fri/Sat, 22-23 Mar 2019 | 10:30am – 2:30pm
Tue/Wed, 16-17 Apr 2019 | 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Fee: Rs 10000 per person
Venue: TBA, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

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Couverture Chocolates, our professional chocolatier program, is designed for those who have mastered the basics of chocolate making and want to graduate their skills to the next level. This is an intensive 2-day course in which you will learn advanced chocolate making techniques that will take you beyond your home kitchen and give a glimpse of working with professional equipment. There is also a greater focus on the creative side of chocolate making by encouraging students to go beyond standard recipes and develop their own customized gourmet chocolates that not only have great taste but also tremendous eye appeal.

Recipes & Techniques

  • Green Tea & Lime Ganache
  • Strawberry Bonbons
  • Screwdriver Cups
  • Minty Lime Ganache
  • Honey Cinnamon Balls
  • Star Anise Truffles
  • Gianduja Praline
  • Grand Prix Rochers
  • Sesame Disc Sandwiches
  • Hot Chocolate Drink
  • Chocolate Fudge

Learning Elements

  • Properties of chocolate compounds and couvertures.
  • Pre-crystallisation and tempering of chocolate.
  • Gourmet chocolates such as gianduja, fudge, rocher, truffle, praline and bonbon.
  • Presentation styles ranging from shells, cups, and balls to discs and drinks.
  • Handcrafting hollow chocolate figures.
  • Printing coloured patterns and embossing textures on chocolate.
  • Hand painting techniques using cocoa butter colours.
  • Professional methods for enrobing, molding and framing.
  • A range of ganache recipes.

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