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attractive names for chocolates

How to Name a Winning Chocolate Creation?

Creating new chocolate recipes is a lot of fun. But once you have the perfect confection, the next step is to give your new chocolate an attractive name. How do you choose a good chocolate name? And is it really even that important? I remember reading in an ancient scripture...
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Chocolate Business Plan

Homemade Chocolate Business: Plan For Profit

One of the biggest mistakes that novice chocolatiers often make in their chocolate business plan is to try and sell chocolate. Sounds funny? It’s true. The advertisement opens with Freida Pinto biting into a bar of chocolate. Then comes the full-screen visual of a melting...
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Diwali Chocolates

Gift Hamper Ideas: Diwali Chocolates

The sweet aroma of chocolate fills the Mendonza home in Bhilai. Off to one side of the kitchen, Anishaa Mendonza is working non-stop, giving the finishing touches to her chocolate collection. Her fingers functioning like paintbrushes, she dabs a bit of edible glitter on the...
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Is Chocolate Vegetarian

Every Veggie Ought to Know: Is Chocolate Vegetarian?

How many times have you strolled through the confectionery isle of your retail supermarket and casually tossed a chocolate bar into your shopping cart, without even a cursory glance at its list of ingredients? If you are an experimental buyer, always eager to try the newest...
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Valentine's Day Chocolates

Nothing Says Love Like Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Elegant romantic treats guaranteed to steal your heart away. Here’s a selection of exclusive Valentine’s Day chocolates and hampers – designed and created by Art Chocolat graduates.
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Chocolate Espresso Beverage: Caffè Mocha

Rich and full of depth, chocolate and coffee are a combination made in heaven. Add a dollop of whipped cream or a fluffy cloud of froth, and you’ll revel in this joyous union forever. Mocaccino, popularly known as Caffè Mocha at your local CCD and Starbucks, is a drink that...
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Ultimate Party Twist: Chocolate Fondue

Throwing a chocolate fondue party is a great way to turn heads and impress your guests! Choosing the right recipe  for your chocolate fondue will have your friends going crazy and begging for more! You can make the experience even more thrilling by offering a...
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Healthy Snack for Kids: Chocolate Banana Popsicle

Necessity is the mother of invention! As a parent constantly confronted with the uphill battle of getting proper nutrition into my kid’s diet, I have come up with simple tricks to get my little one interested in eating things that are actually good for her and that she...
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