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Jury Composition

Entries to the Chocolate Awards reflect the breadth and diversity of the Indian chocolatiering community. Therefore, they must be adjudged by a reflectively diverse panel that enhances the deliberation process by bringing multiple perspectives to the table. With this in view, our jury has been put together to represent a wide spectrum of talents and interests from various occupations. This panel consists of knowledgeable food professionals including chefs, restaurateurs, culinary experts, food writers, bloggers, academics, and category buyers, in addition to non-food professionals and general chocolate consumers from various walks of life. This mixed level of knowledge is a good thing because it brings viewpoints from both within and outside the food industry, clubbing wider consumer tastes together with the opinions of the chocolate experts.

A tough but exciting task lies ahead for the jury, as they will winnow down what will undoubtedly be a large pool of great recipes from our participating chocolatiers to select those that truly stand out and represent the best. These awards are based on the combined total number of votes received for each entry from the Judging Panel.

Chocolate Rubrics

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Assessment Process

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