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  • Chocolate as a Canvas

    Chocolate as a canvas that provides endless opportunities to tell exciting stories through layers of delicious flavours and textures.
  • Chocolate as a Marvel

    Chocolate as a marvel that reveals itself through the hard work and dedication of the chocolatier to getting every detail right.
  • Chocolate as a Process

    Chocolate as a process that connects to the energy of the art through flavours that galvanise to create a culinary masterpiece.

Basic Chocolates

Make and decorate a variety of treats, from moulded bonbons to colourful lollipops, and stunning truffles.

Liquor Chocolates

Create cordials with cocktail and mocktail centres using premium spirits, wines, coffees and fruit nectars.

Couverture Chocolates

Venture beyond your home kitchen to learn tools and techniques for working with gourmet quality chocolate.

Modern Confections

Develop essential skills for producing chocolate and candy confections in elegant and contemporary styles.

Chocolate Artistry

Add new dimensions with extravagant colourscapes, designs and figurines to adorn your chocolate creations.

Chocolate Merchandising

Put a distinct artistic stamp on your chocolates by learning to package and display them in attractive ways.

The world over, chocolate making is becoming more and more complex and specialised. Up until just a few years ago, chocolate work was a nimble component of the culinary arts, but today it has metamorphosed into an independent field of study and practice. And this field is evolving so rapidly that a generic skill set will no longer stand the test of time. Our chocolate making classes incorporate this change of emphasis with a knowledge-based hyperspecialisation in chocolate.

We offer a hands-on classroom based series of chocolate making courses built on levels of progressive difficulty. The core curriculum consists of five levels, which may be completed individually – one at a time – or all at once as part of our consolidated master chocolatier program. The normative period of training in the master chocolatier program is about two weeks, and students have to complete all core units, with additional options for skills consolidation under separate categories called electives.

The program offers flexibility both in the selection of courses and in the sequence and pace of electives. The only restriction being that the units in the core be completed in the correct order as each course assumes familiarity with concepts and techniques covered in the preceding levels. If you are confident with all the techniques covered in a specific level, you may apply for an exemption and directly move on to the next level in the sequence.

The program has an intake every month. Upcoming schedule and fee information is available here.

“I wish sometimes that chefs would stick to what they are good at. You can’t do everything, and if you try to do everything, you compromise with your craft. It drives me crazy when culinary schools try to pitch you every single fare available. Most don’t do justice to chocolate.”

- Arti Dhingra, Principal Chocolatier

Core Curriculum

Level Course Duration
1 Basic Chocolates 1 day
2 Liquid-Filled Chocolates 1 day
3 Couverture Chocolates 2 days
4 Modern Confections 3 days
5 Chocolate Artistry 3 days

Optional Electives

Course Duration
Chocolate Merchandising 2 days
Chocolate Tasting 1 day