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Skill: Want to be a chocolate fashionist?

If you love Belgian chocolate then you’ve definitely opened one – or many – of these. Called a “ballotin”, this type of box features classically tapered sides with overhanging edges and is designed to showcase chocolates while also protecting them.

The invention of the praline in the early 1900s ushered a new wave of sophisticated and attractive chocolate designs with soft fillings. However, these chocolates continued to be sold wrapped in paper, a traditional method that had the drawback of not allowing the chocolates to be displayed in an elegant way to the consumer. The ballotin (from ballot, French for “small package of goods”) was designed to address this issue.

The ballotin is elegant yet understated in its appearance, and showcases the contents while successfully keeping them secure. Since its creation, the ballotin has caught on, and you can see it filled with chocolates in countless shops or voraciously enjoyed by thousands of chocolate lovers around the world.