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What Is Chocolate Ganache

What is ganache?

Ganache is a rich velvety mixture of chocolate and cream. It is commonly found as a beautiful glaze on top of a chocolate cake or as a delicately flavoured filling inside a truffle. Even though it is primarily a mixture of only two ingredients, there’s a lot of science and technique that goes into the making of a successful ganache.

A ganache is one of the most essential recipes in a chocolatier’s skillset. It can be made from any type of chocolate (dark, milk, or white) and is often flavoured with essential oils, spices, and liqueurs. The type of chocolate and the application determine the ratio of cream to chocolate in a ganache. For a thin, pourable consistency, such as for dips and glazes, a higher percentage of cream is used. For confectionery where a firm texture is more appropriate, such as in ganache fillings for bonbons and truffles, a higher percentage of chocolate is used.

Where did ganache come from?

In French, “ganache” colloquially refers to a foolish person. Chocolate folklore has it that it was invented by accident when a chocolatier’s foolish apprentice spilled hot cream over melting chocolate. The result of his mistake was a fantastic new mixture that we use extensively to this day.

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