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Skill: Chocolatier Program
Chocolate that melts in your mouth like ice in the desert sun.

The speed at which a given chocolate melts on your tongue determines its rate of release of flavours. These flavours then bind to your taste receptors giving the chocolate its characteristic mouthfeel.

Meltaways, also called velvets and by a variety of other smooth-sounding names, are unique in that their melting point is set to below that of chocolate (30-32 C) so they are softer and begin to dissolve in the mouth much more quickly. This effect is achieved by creating a eutectic mix of chocolate with another kind of fat which differs in molecular structure (but not greatly in melting temperature) from cocoa butter already present in the chocolate. The result is a eutectic melting point that is lower than the melting point of either of the constituent fats.

Isn’t science is so much better when its delicious! Join us for some interesting chocolate experiments.