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Single Origin Chocolate

Single origin chocolate is chocolate made from cocoa beans harvested from a single country or geographical region. The terroir and microclimate of the cacao tree determines the quality and flavour of the highly sensitive cacao bean. Because cocoa beans from different plantations have their own distinct flavour characterises, chocolate made from these beans carries its own signature taste profile.

Although there are many single origin cacao regions from where chocolate is sourced, the most popular single origin chocolates come from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Tanzania, Ghana, Dominican Republic, and Sao Tomé. As an example, single origin chocolate from Peru is known for its smoky and woody flavours, while chocolate from Madagascar has high acidity with fruity and floral characteristics. Origin chocolate from Ghana tastes musty, whereas chocolate sourced from cocoa beans in Venezuela has a slightly bitter and nutty flavour.

There are many single origin chocolate brands available in India, including some India-origin chocolates being made exclusively from cacao sourced from plantations in southern India. Amul has also recently joined the bandwagon by introducing a wide range of single origin chocolate bars, marking the beginning of what could be a widespread consumer trend.

Join us in our chocolatier program to get a guided sampling of single origin chocolates from different cocoa producing regions around the world. Being familiar with terroir will help you maximise flavour possibilities by blending different origins purposefully in your chocolate creations.