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A Date with Chocolate
Chocolate Appreciation & Tasting Session

Get ready for a date with chocolate, the most romanticised food item on the planet! And to help you make a good impression, we’ll tell you all about it – where chocolate comes from, what influences its flavours, what are the myths and facts behind it. Savour every bite of our delicious morsels to leave with a beautiful smile on your face and a sweet taste on your palate.

7 April 2019 | 3-5pm

Rs 1500 per person
TBD, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

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Sometimes you just want to put a piece of chocolate in your mouth, not think about it, and enjoy it mindlessly. But to truly experience your chocolate you need to understand what’s going on, where those flavour nuances might be coming from. You need to know how that chocolate was made, where its ingredients were sourced from and what their characteristics are. When you eat chocolate this way, you will realise that it really enhances your experience of enjoying it. We like to call this increased awareness "chocolate mindfulness" and it’s all about rekindling a relationship with your chocolate. Chocolate has an inspiring story about how its flavours are directly connected to the places and people involved in its making. Once you learn to recognise and appreciate these differences, your experience of eating chocolate will change forever.

A fabulous chocolate tasting experience

A Date with Chocolate! This is a limited-seating chocolate appreciation and tasting class for epicureans and aficionados of premium gourmet chocolate.

Enjoy an afternoon learning about the history, terminology, and benefits of chocolate, topped off by a delightfully sinful guided chocolate tasting experience. After the fun, tastings, knowledge and games you will be presented with your very own Chocolate Connoisseur certificate to boast for life.

Fine chocolate is about taste, style, and integrity, and fine chocolate is the medium for our message. Full of anecdotes and edgy information, this session will take you on an amazing journey of discovery of this divine ecstasy on Earth.

What you'll learn

  • You will learn about the chocolate making process from bean to bar, tasting cocoa butter and nibs in their purest forms.
  • You will learn to identify REAL chocolate using our sensory guides of quality, and will never ever be fooled by imitations!
  • You will have the opportunity to enjoy chocolates of varying compositions and from different origins around the world.
  • You will get familiar with chocolate lingo and terminology used by professional chocolatiers, chefs, and industry insiders.
Chocolate Selections
Explore the flavour profiles of our hand-picked single-origin, tree-to-bar, and bean-to-bar chocolates. Sample craft and luxury brands: Patchi, Hotel Chocolat, Thorntons, Anthon Berg, Soklet, Mason & Co, Cacao Life (Peru), Kit Kat Ruby, as well as, our in-house confections.

The perfect gift for a chocolate lover

Chocolate Tasting Gift