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How to Make Chocolate Bouquet

You excitedly rush to the hospital to greet the new mum and dad, proud parents to a beautiful baby girl. On your way, you pick up a nice bouquet of flowers, pitch perfect for the occasion. How very thoughtful of you. Or not! Most hospitals will not permit you to take flowers for fear of allergies and infections. Here’s another just as pretty, and actually edible alternatives.

A bouquet that will not wither, wilt, or die – a chocolate bouquet is an arrangement of chocolates done in a way to mimic conventional floral bouquets. Chocolate bouquets add appeal as home decoration and are also perfect as a novel gift for any occasion. Table center-piece arrangements of chocolate work wonders for wedding venues, corporate events, birthday parties and other celebrations because they not only decorate but also make lovely gifts for your guests to take home; gifts that let them know how sweet you really are and how much you care!

Making your own chocolate bouquet is a great way to express yourself by designing it to your liking and to fit the person and occasion you have in mind.Holidays present an especially good opportunity to create your own specially made bouquets of chocolate for your near and dear ones. At times, when you don’t know the person well enough, it can become quite difficult to choose an appropriate gift to give to them. Chocolate bouquets fill that void; they make a statement without going over the top in terms of cost and chocolates have an almost universal appeal. Some chocolate arrangements are simple to make, others require more time and effort, but each of them is so fun to produce and the effect of your work is really amazing! Within weeks you will discover that you will be hooked on making these cute chocolate bouquets.

Our chocolate bouquet course is divided into three levels based on difficulty and complexity of the concepts covered:

Basic Chocolate Bouquets

A total of 3 concepts are covered in this level: Single Chocolate Flower, Chocolate Bunch, and Chocolate Bouquet Arrangement (centre/one-sided bouquet)

Advanced Chocolate Bouquets

A total of 5 concepts are covered in this level: Teddy Pot, Doll Bouquet, Gladiolus Stick, Standing Bouquet, Valentines Special Bouquet

Professional Chocolate Bouquets

A total of 4 concepts are covered in this level: Stick Bouquet Arrangement, Twig Arrangement, Iron Stand Bouquet Arrangement, Consolidated Single Stick

Chocolate Bouquets Course
Choco FleuristeLevels - 1, 2, & 3

This is a three-level course of progressive difficulty in which students begin by learning to make single chocolate flowers and their basic placements, then move on to chocolate bouquets, and finally finish off with more complex arrangements. Each level takes one to two days to complete.