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A preference for chocolate is set early in life, even as early as in the womb.

Consider this simple but startling fact: the events and experiences we encounter before birth can influence us — our level of fitness, our immunity to diseases, our personality and tastes, even our predilection for chocolate. Research in obstetrics suggests that foetuses can experience tastes in the womb. The flavours of the foods that the mother consumes are transmitted into the amniotic fluid, which is continuously swallowed by the foetus. Babies seem to remember, and prefer, these familiar tastes even after birth.

So if you were born with a natural inclination for chocolate, it could very well be that your mom introduced you to those guilty pleasures by eating chocolate during her pregnancy. Blame her for your indiscretions or thank her for the early initiation, whatever you do, don’t forget to share your chocolate with her every once in a while.