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Chocolate Feathering

Add a feather in your cap with this amazing decorating technique, literally called chocolate feathering. This icing technique, commonly used in cakes, is incredibly simple and delivers fabulous results with chocolate.

Chocolate feathering is the process of drawing lines of chocolate in a feather pattern across a contrasting chocolate surface. An example would be a dark/milk dipped chocolate with a white chocolate overlay or vice versa. This is a wet-on-wet technique, which means that both the base and the front should be in melted condition for the process to work.

Start by dipping or covering your confection in fresh melted chocolate. Quickly pipe horizontal lines at even intervals across the top. Then go up and down with a fork or skewer to give the desired effect. The fun of this technique is that it lends itself to a lot of creativity. Just by changing the direction and lines in which you drag your fork, you can achieve many different results.

Decorating chocolate can be a highly creative pursuit. The key is to be familiar with the tools and techniques that can help you translate all your beautiful ideas into actual designs. Our chocolate making curriculum is designed to meet this need.