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Salt accentuates sweetness and suppresses bitterness, while also acting as a natural flavour enhancer in chocolate. Simply adding a touch of salt to certain chocolate recipes can help achieve a balance of flavours and bring out many subtle nuances. This combination has long enchanted chocolate connoisseurs and chefs, and is swiftly making its way from an elite culinary obsession to the taste buds of the common public. And why not? It’s got science to back it up.

Adding salt to chocolate helps release chocolate’s aroma molecules into the surrounding air thereby making its taste perception a multi-dimensional experience. Moreover, salt is a micro nutrient that, along with sugar, signals a food that is calorie and nutrient dense – something that our built-in biological system is designed to crave. Which is why we find the combination of chocolate and salt so very irresistible.

We’ve extensively experimented and developed unique recipes in which the salt truly lifts the notes of the chocolate, adding a depth of flavour like never before. These, and many other interesting recipes, are covered in our professional chocolatier program.