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Lavender Nama Chocolate
From the land of the rising sun comes this creamy dreamy blend of nama chocolate, delicately infused with a hint of aromatic lavender oil.

Nama means fresh in Japanese and refers to the use of fresh cream in the preparation of this chocolate. Thanks to the high cream content, it literally melts in your mouth. Each velvety square is dusted with a generous amount of cocoa powder to give it an instant hit. This nama chocolate also showcases lavender, which is subtle yet helps round off the flavour profile. The special flower extracts work behind the scenes to transport you into a tranquil bliss with every bite!

Nama chocolate is absolutely legendary in Japan. These cubes of indulgence are so meltingly sinful and hard to resist that even Japanese Kung Fu masters use them to practice self-control. Unless you’re training in Kung Fu, we recommended that you enjoy them as much as you can.

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