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Mulled Wine Flavoured Chocolate

This handcrafted wine flavoured chocolate is a merry medley of festive spices made by blending chocolate with red wine infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and a hint of orange.

About the time when the ancient Aztecs were discovering the benefits of cacao, the Egyptians were onto finding  their own elixir of life – a warm and spicy concoction of wine. This chocolate, blended with subtle flavours of mulled wine, is a delicious combination of the wisdom of both civilisations, and a treat for all those who adore the synergy between wine and chocolate.

Heating spices, wine, and chocolate together is a balance of three processes: diffusion, evaporation, and liquefaction. When the spices hit the mixture of liquids, the various flavour compounds begin to leech, some dissolving into the wine and others clinging on to the chocolate. This makes the execution of this recipe quite complex.

What makes this wine flavoured chocolate particularly delicious is the aromas released when it melts in your mouth and the tongue catches a speck of the wine laden with spices. The aromas intensify as the chocolate continues to dissolve, and they help to add a fuller, deeper flavour to the chocolate. Like mulled wine itself, this chocolate evokes festive memories with every mouthful.

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