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The Art of Chocolate Presentation
Chocolate Merchandising

Course in which students learn wrapping techniques for individual chocolate pieces using various media, and themed chocolate arrangement concepts for gifting on special occasions.

Thu/Fri, 18-19 Apr 2019 | 2:30-6:30pm

Duration: 2 days
Fee: Rs 8500 per person
Venue: TBD, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

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Packaging of chocolates is as important as the chocolates themselves. A beautifully wrapped box of chocolates sends out a sublime yet effective pick-me-up signal that can be impossible to resist. Smart chocolatiers use this human emotional response to their advantage by packing their chocolates in creative ways to set them apart.

Chocolate Wrapping

Our chocolate packing course covers various gifting themes from personal occasions to group festivities were chocolate giving is apt. Concepts are chosen to acquaint students with the use of different kinds of packing materials and techniques. Some commonly used items are mirror, glass, cardboard, aluminium foil, and fabric. These are accessorized with stones, ribbons, motifs, flowers, buttons, etc.

Design Elements

  • Does our packaging offer the chocolate enough protection from the environment?
  • What does our package inform the customer about its contents?
  • How does this package communicate with or relate to our customers?
  • Is the packing an integral part of our product branding?
  • Does the packing act as a final sales pitch, enticing the customer?


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